Construction of “Libava” sailer started in May 2007, at the shipyard “Varyag” in Petrozavodsk (Russia). It was launched in September 2008. The ship was built after traditional technologies that were in use three centuries ago. Ship drafts were made based on museum materials, mainly original drawings of Dutch yachts from the archives of the Naval Museum in St. Petersburg, and German historic books. We took Dutch shallow draft herren yachts as a prototype of “Libava”. Such vessels were popular among European aristocracy for pleasure and prestige.

‘Libava’ ancient vessel welcomes aboard your company employees for an incentive tour!
You will take a fascinating journey along the picturesque banks of the river Lielupe and the beautiful shore of Riga Bay. The fresh breeze and the sunshine will accompany you throughout the journey.
To build up a team spirit, you can participate in exciting activities for tough sailors, such as raising sails and ship control.
Exquisite and delicious meals, in our restaurant on board, lovely music of your choice and a joyful atmosphere are the components of a really unforgettable experience sailing the ‘Libava’ vessel.
‘Libava’ can welcome up to 40 guests. The minimum sailing time is two hours. The menu is agreed upon in advance.

Adventures! That’s what every child wants for his birthday!
Welcome on board ‘Libava’ ancient vessel where a trip full of fascinating adventures awaits a birthday boy and his guests.
A professional actor in the role of a cheery pirate, will entertain the noisy company throughout the journey.

Do you want to make one of the most important days of your life really unforgettable? Then welcome on board ‘Libava’ authentic vessel!
We offer a newly-married couple a romantic trip along the magnificent Jurmala shore. Scarlet sails, lovely music and sparkling champagne will create an atmosphere of romance and harmony. You will get a unique opportunity to stand together at the helm of the vessel and symbolically start your family life journey on the endless sea. While a grand cannon-ball shot from an authentic cannon will notify Riga or Jurmala about a new family foundation. A special wedding flag waving in the breeze, will become a token of real love and harmony in your happy family life.